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What have you (& your partner) given up to make your relationship work?

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Nothing, I don't want to sacrifice, I want to be able to work something out and compromise that benefits both of us.

Aparte de ayudarme a mi con temas personales, voy a un psicólogo para que me ayude a aprender a ser menos victimista, menos dramática, más proactiva y por tanto, poder ser mejor persona...también en mi relación. Él ha tenido mucha paciencia, y se presta a ir a terapia. También viene a dormir alguna vez a mi casa, aunque no puede descansar bien en ella. Me dedica tiempo que no tiene...

Going out every weekend and alcohol/ insecurity

You, everything
You have given up everything too. The amount of sacrifices you've made are countless.
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Nov 06, 2015

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I dnt think we have "given up" anything but have become more open to new ways and forms to make our long distance relationship work. It's not something I give up but rather embrace because it keeps me happy and closer to the man I love.

Talking to the opposite sex on a regular basis

I don't think I have given up on anything yet, but I know i will have to give up on my country, which i love and being close to my family.

I'm happy to say I can't really think of anything?

You have given smoking as you said and I'm not sure about me, I think I might have already moved home but then I'm not entirely sure because there is so much about London that I love

I don't think I've given up anything oh apart from smoking but that's a good thing, I sometimes wonder if you'd have already moved back home if you weren't with me.

Making plans and such. Just let the relationship go on its own and enjoy the ride

I have cancelled a few plans to try and make time so we could skype each other at night. We have also given up any sort of physical affection for the time being since we dont live near each other.

not necessarily both. However, she did give up one of her friends that she lives close too. It's done nothing but make me feel worse. I'd like if she were to hangout with that person if she wanted to.

It's hard having a long distance relationship but I am willing to give up whatever I need to (of course to an extent) to make this relationship successful.

We haven't given up much at this point. Just that we can't be physically together longer. One of us will have to give up our home country at some point though.

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