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How do you express affection in relationships?

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As often as I can but I'm not a real mushy type. But I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to showing affection as far as holding hands and spending time together.

I do a lot of little things for her. Comfort her when she is down, make her tea and breakfast, giving her some presents. I don't like saying big tirades that will fade in a while. I am more in the action. But now we are in a long-distance relationship, I just try to stick to my routine so that she is comforted, try to talk to her a lot.

I listen to him, I try to communicate as much as I can, I write him letters and send him packages, I say I love you whenever I can, I try to be his best friend and cheer him up before he goes to work, I thank him for the thing he has done, I tell him he's so sweet and the best boyfriend, I am always there for him. I am working hard we can be together, I am trying to learn his language, I want to be the one to tell him that he is so strong, smart and unstopabble when he is feeling down.

Doing things for her when I can, making sure we spend as much time as we can together, random gifts, being as much of a gentleman as I can. Working on the physical affection lol.

Kissing, hugging and making passionate love to each other.

Cuddles and sweet words. But I know she prefers thoughtful actions. so I'm changing

Surprises and being physically intimate

I try to surprise you, that and kiss you all over your face :)

You have to learn what affection means to your partner. But personally for me it's the little things all the way to the big things and every thing in between.. Hand holding, gracing my leg, playing with my hair, everything. anyway to show me you're still connected to me physically.

Kisses and tons of em.

Spending time together and always giving her my undivided attention

Through dedicating my time available, helping out where I can personally and financially

Com muito cafuné, beijinhos, ouvindo musica romantica fazendo a comidinha que ele gosta, tentando sempre ter dialogo escrevendo no Between tirando fotos nossas

Surprises and physical and emotional

Cuddling, kissing, touching, everything!

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