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What's the sexiest part of your partner's body?

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Everything, she's muy sexy

I find every single part of her beautiful body to be perfect... But I'd have to say her stomach.

Her shoulders. Umfp.

Something about those thighs, or his strong jawline, or how his broad shoulders, chest, and long arms make the perfect space for me to rest encircled in.

Her everything when we hug or cuddle ;) damn!

Butt crack. Without a doubt. 😏

Ugh his smile and the look he gives me when he wants me...and his hands because they're good at what they do and I always want him touching me 😇

His ass. It is huger than mine. Also his sexy six pack and some other things

I love his abs, feeling them, running my fingers over them

Her smile. Every time she smiles, it just lights up her whole face and she seems so much more alive with that gorgeous, happy smile on her face.

His hands💘

So so so much. Your abs your arms your veins your smile your jaw your everything ugh

Her eyes for sure, the way she looks at me.

Her smile😄😄

Her eyes, her breasts, and her ass. Three way tie ;)

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