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What's the sexiest part of your partner's body?

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Fingers, nose, chest, arms, lips

Hmmmm I would have to say bootylicous. It's that revolving door always keeps me coming back for more although those legs that go to heaven everytime are wonderful and when her feet are clean they're gorgeous too

Nipples and ass, love that ass.
Oh, that's awesome!! I never thought you would say that.
Female, 26-30 years, Domestically Partnered | Oct 24, 2014

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Female, 41-50 years, Married | Dec 04, 2014

You knew that.
Male, 41-50 years, Married, FL, US | Dec 05, 2014

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That butt ;)

My spot. Okay, that's more snuggly than sexy. But I love it because it's unique to you. And because I'm uniquely aware of it. You're very handsome and lots of people I'm sure admire things about your looks, your hair, eyes, smile, various facial hair arrangements, shoulders, hips, waist, and so on. But I love that spot because it's something only I know about. It's special. <3

Lips, boobs, butt, back

Your smell. I don't know what it is about your smell, but I will never meet someone else that smells anything like you. I sometimes hug you with my nose on your head so I can take it in.
I recognize it on your clothes when I'm doing laundry. I smell it on our sheets. I get ecstatic when you've recently showered and we snuggle because there are no other scents on your skin. Just you and you're most beautiful attribute.

Tits and eyes
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Dec 07, 2014

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Without a doubt, his hands

Her entire body! But if I had to choose one part. Her ass!!

Eyes, voice, smile, ass and everything else :)

His hairy chest and big thick....arms of his 😽...rawr 😻😻😻😻😻

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