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What's the sexiest part of your partner's body?

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His eyes!

Chest, smile, skin, arms. Him smiling with no shirt on literally gives me tingles. 😍

His mouth

Her brain!
his hands
Female, >50 years, Dating | Sep 06, 2014

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Everything from her head to her toes. Everything about her is sexy.

Those hips 😉 and her beautiful eyes. 😍

Her eyes and smile



Her big dark eyes and beautiful black hair.

His MOUTH. I could look t those lips all day long.

The sexiest part of my man's body is his upper torso: his chest, shoulders, his arms. Not because they are the most toned, but because his chest protects his heart (and that's mine), his shoulders and arms are strong, and I love the way his arms feel when he holds me. And I love to put my arms around him too!

Everything his eyes,his smile, he smells awesome. His body is hot but I go crazy over his butt. It's perfect
Boobies are yummy and her sweet spot tastes yummy but her eyes are amazing. I love while tasty package xxx
Male, 26-30 years, Married | Sep 18, 2014

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His arms, eyes, and smile.

Absolutely everything about her. She's the whole package. She's gorgeous, intelligent, and a shining personality to boot.

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