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Which of your partner's personality traits do you admire most and why? Which of your own?

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Too many to list ugh. Funny, sarcastic, genuinely sweet and kind, very smart, so hard working, and way more. I'm actually obsessed haha

I've said it before, but her genuineness. She always says what's on her mind, and she's a genuinely nice young woman :) that and of course she's very loving 😍

I admire his patience towards me no matter what it is that is causing an issue with me. I think he admires that I am thoughtful and loving.

He's very giving and likes to help others. An he's so calm even in a storm. My rock. As I'm the one that freaks out. I'm very outgoing, life of the party type.

De el admiro que es muy trabajador e inteligente. De mi, que siempre estoy queriendo salir adelante y aunque últimamente ya no lo hago, me considero muy positiva.

He's committed, a problem solver and driven. Loyalty for me
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Feb 05, 2016

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How hard she'll work to get what she wants. Probs not giving up.

Su seguridad en si mismo porque brilla, su inteligencia, su sentido del humor que le hace tremendamente sexy, su creatividad porque le hace único...
De mi: sé que soy una persona muy carismática y atraigo mucho por ello (no me refiero el sentido sexual), mis habilidades sociales (que me permiten conectar muy facilmente con las personas), mi inteligencia (porque me permite ser capaz de mucho), mi sensibilidad...

Your so funny and like easy going. Everyone loves you and ur a really likable person.

His honesty, he believes in being completely honest even if it might hurt the other person

She is caring, loving and very compassionate. One thing I admire is how good she is at managing people's feelings. I would always speak my mind, regardless of how people feel but I see that this is not always the right way and she knows how to do that.

He has zero drama and does not worry about anything ever. I am caring and interested in people's feelings.

Her honesty mine idk let her answer that

Get astute awareness; her ability to analyze a situation. Her ability to clearly put into words, stories, emotions, anything at all, in a way which I can understand that which I formerly could not.
And did I mention her pure, classical beauty?

Her genuine attitude and honesty ❤️❤️ she is a sweetheart

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