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How long was the longest conversation you and your partner have had this week?

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without interruptions maybe 40 minutes at most. We've both been busy recently. However, we still talk throughout the day,

I think last Friday on skype or Saturday on the phone. I only get to talk to him twice a week. but if it's a conversation trough text then every day!

It's an all day affair with text but phone I wanna say an hour or so

ayer hablamos exactamente 4 horas

Probably a little over an hour, with my schedule and I'm current 400 miles away, it was very very very nice.

2 hour skype sesh yesterday! A luxury!

Our movie date last Friday :p both silly and serious, and that's why I love about us. It bordered on 4 hours xD

6 hours and 22 mins

Half a hour or so, we can talk all night now or at least hold each other, after 17 years together, we are still learning each other

no hemos hablado

20 hours?

Not sure... May be one hour and a half... but we usually talk for hours.

All day jigga

Every day. The days seem to get longer and longer the more I'm with him.

We're on the phone and talk all day already

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