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What has been your most intimate experience?

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The first night we met.. How he held me and kissed me and what he said to me "this feels so right, like we are meant to be" the fact that it was love at first sight for both of us.. It's been 6 years now and we have been together everyday since then.

Being able to hold her close and feel like she actually didn't want to be anywhere else but in my arms

Oh man so many..every time he touches me, kisses me all over my body, and licks me everywhere..gets me every time

We have had loads of them over the years. An I don't think it has to be sexual. Him caring for me after the csection birth of our youngest son was so intimate and amazing for me. I had to trust him and lose all inhibitions. It's hard for me to give control or admit when I'm weak. An he was amazing and caring. Truly felt us get closer.


Every second she lets me touch her beautiful body! I melt into a giant puddle of emotions filled with extreme excitement!!

Having sex with my boyfriend

My most intimate experience was with the man I was with before my husband. That deep connection that you cannot feel with just anyone.

Also at my house with you babe... jeje

We have NONE 😭😭

The first time we did it in car !

Hmmmm. That one time we made out for a long time in the night. I enjoyed it a bunch. I love you, Erin.

Orgasming 11-13 times in a row! No one has made me feel more comfortable and be able to get past 1!!!

The first time we did it in car !

Cuddling in bed in his arms

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