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If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be? Where would it be?

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Bible verse on upper back

On my left ankle with the words "the second star to the right and straight on til morn"

I want way too many tattoos to list here. I want my first tattoo to be a butterfly (or a few butterflies) on my left wrist. It has meaning, I promise.

Idk what I would get yet.. But I want one in the middle of my upper back and maybe one running down on the side of my torso

Símbolos, figuras que representen las personas que me importan
idolos musicales, en la espalda y chicos muy discretos
Male, 36-40 years, Domestically Partnered, QUE, MX | Aug 09, 2018

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recientemente me hice dos pero quisiera otro en el vientre a un costado, algo pequeño, probablemente la luna y el sol que no me hice.

Si quiero hacerme uno, cerca de la base del cuello, seria de algo bonito, quiza una huellita de gato o una flor de loto... algo que se vea estetico jeje

No me gustan los tatuajes. No me haría uno.

I was thinking a kind of caduceus on the scapula. I guess a mix between Hermes's staff and the pharmacology caduceus. I like the style of it and the fact that it is related to health and pharmacology makes it even nicer.

I really not a tattoo fan I am afraid. They are something that you would have that would age horribly. I said no to a capital W on each buttock 😜😄

Maybe on my back. It'll probably be my kids names

My third child's name on my lower back in addition to the two I already have.

We talked about getting a tattoo on our arms, so when we hold hands they match, but we are not so sure about what and if we really want it lol

I would get a feather in the back of my neck and I think I will actually get that one day

I wouldn’t get a tattoo, but if I did I might get one on my big toe

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