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When do you feel most like yourself?

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When I am hanging out in my house just chilling xx

When I'm with him or when I'm with my best friend Kimberly

When I'm exploring something. Outside doing yard work.

When I'm asleep

When I'm with my gorgeous boy... Never felt more myself with anyone else.. X

When I'm with William, because I'm just happy and free and silly and I feel loved every moment. I can truly just be my crazy, head over heels in love self and it feels wonderful :)
Awwwwwweeee <3
Male, 21-25 years, Dating | Jan 11, 2016

Female, 21-25 years, Dating, MI, US | Jan 11, 2016

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When I feel strong again

when Im with him. also when I am alone and I get to turn the radio as loud as I can and sing for the whole day in my pjs.

To be honest, I always feel like myself because I like who I am, and I like being that way all the time. If I don't feel like myself constantly, I get very sad and start disassociating with things I like and enjoy.

When I'm laughing or making others laugh

when I am allowed to be myself and not looked down upon for stuff

cuando estoy segura

When I'm by myself or Erin. Without makeup and just hanging out.

When I am laughing 😀😀😀

Me siento mas como yo, cuando me siento en confianza, por que se que si confió es por que me aceptan como soy, y yo hago lo mismo.

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