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Around the house, what jobs does your partner do that you hate?

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None I can think of, we do pretty good at sharing the load. We actually have fun when we both chip in to get the chores done, and it takes half the time!

Unmmm not cleaning the carpet

Cat box

he's pretty handy, i don't really hear him complain about chores.

Not a damn thing lol

Any because I want her to have the carefree life and let me do the stuff that needs done

We don't live together yet- but when we are together he helps with everything. I think at his place he doesn't do a lot haha. It's pretty messy lol

I can't honestly answer due to current living arrangements

Laundry and cooking

None, whatever needs done I'll do if needed

Bits of shopping

Laundry she does that but I will fold ....

Clean the toilets....I really appreciate you for doing that!

We're not currently sharing living space, but if he will mop the floors and wash the dishes, I'll do everything else.

Uh... Take out the trash I guess.

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