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What is something that you would like to thank your partner for?

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Everything..thank you for always caring for me and loving me

For choosing me again and again everyday of our lives together.

The really good pizza and for being up front and honest(:

Pushing me to be better

For one always being there for me, even when I'm crazy and cry. And two making me work so much harder in life and my career. I adore him. Mwuah mwuah.
Also! Taking care of me when I'm about to die. Chills and throwing up!
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, CA, US | Jan 28, 2016

Worth it
Male, 21-25 years, Dating | Jan 29, 2016

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Being supportive of me

thank u for showing me love
yux cheesey
Male or Female, <20 years, Dating | Jun 02, 2019

i was never lurved by another girl
Male or Female, <20 years, Dating | Jun 02, 2019

o no
Male or Female, <20 years, Dating | Jun 02, 2019

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Everything. Literally. Everything. A million times over.

Being who he is to me
ESP a gentleman
For her loyalty and respect and endless love
Male, 21-25 years, Dating | Jun 28, 2016

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I said it already, but I thank you for how supportive you are with me.
thank you for your big effort to make this work between frontiers. That you come to visit me. Thank you for your passion. Thank you for your gifts.For your cards and your tiny little things youre sending me.
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Sep 28, 2016

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being awesome and amazing in everyway

Always being there for everything! Whether I just need to talk or I need a shoulder to cry on!

Being there and taking care of each other

Thank you for letting me in. You did it, you lowered your guard, I know it was difficult for you but I felt so much more secure and, since the summer especially, it really feels like we've moved forward as a couple and that we are now ready to take the next step together. It's all thanks to you baby, I'll never make you regret it. xxx

Being able to always make me feel better and make me laugh.

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