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Accept that I will always love hearing his voice, seeing his texts, and hearing him on voicemail... It makes me feel like I am beside him... So I get borderline harassing when I seek to hear or see him, but it is only because I want to be with him and I do understand we cannot be together right now and understand he is busy sometimes and cannot talk or text me

Not sure about this

Just support and motivate me like he has been doing

Trying to rebuild herself and lifestyle!

Just continue to love and support me. Help reassure me that we will meet as soon as possible.

Just be aware that I might miss home a little so hang out with me all the time and give melots of kisses

Just keep at what she's doing. She does more than enough for me; I'd really like for her to just believe more in herself and her abilities and show me that she knows she's got it all in the bag when it comes to her big project.

trust me, let me know that he thinks about me, be loyal, be patient and understanding.which he already is

Make the time we spend together memorable. I'm sure that won't be a problem!

He's been so great lately I would just say keep that up. An us both continue to work on our trust pillars. An work on our dreams.

oooo be nice to me and love me foreverrrrrr

Reassure me.
I am strong and all is going fine, I make sure of it, but I need to hear some things to keep it that way.


Just be compresive and be by my side

Wake up with the boys for once so I can sleep in

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