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Are you a saver or a spender? How about your partner?

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It all depends on what it's for if its for my kids or her i spend if it just for me not really

I save to spent. :)

I'm the spender and she is the saver! I can't save very good lol but I sure can spend it

I'm both depending on the situation at hand

I agree. You are financially responsible and are saving enough while having a good time too. It's a good balance and you work hard for that luxury. I'm definitely more of a saver, but my favorite thing to splurge on isn't handbags, I swear (though judging from track record you wouldn't know it).
So what is your favorite thing to splurge on (if not bags :) )?
Male, 41-50 years, Married, IL, US | Sep 24, 2013

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I don't waste a lot of money, I prefer to save money when possible, but sometimes I just forget about everything and waste lots of money for things I don't need actually and the I feel sorry :DD

Was a major spender now I like to save unless depressed. She was the saver and now she's the spender lol

uitgevers hoewel ons beroep anders doet vermoeden :-)

I am a saver😉 lol yeah right!

pretty much both savers, I would say. The odd small treat but no regular splurges.

Uitgever en deels spaar.. Ik wil t heel graag maar kom niet uit en maak verkeerde beslissingen. Hij is een uitgeven maar heeft ZAT

Spender... :( I think that she's a saver. :)

I'm more of a saver. Actaully always have been and spend more for the others than I do for myself at times, but mostly I spend when I'm with friends, because It's always like "Anoither drink" "Oh you don't have money for a taxi? Let me cover it" "the Beer's on me!" :D


Both spenders

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