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What was your impression of your partner the first time you met them?

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I though he was the handsomest man there. When he walked over I could not take my eyes off him. He was gruff and a little quiet, which I liked. My impression of him was as a gentle bear.

He seemed reserved at first but very kind and super easy to talk to, then I saw how ridiculous he was which made hanging out and working together even more fun

She appeared to be broad, muscular and strong. Also a super smile.

That he was shy

Thought she was out of my League

First thought was" he better not drop me" he was my spotter in gymnastics and was impressed by his strength on the rings. He was a little nerdy and shy but very sweet!

That he looked like superman in Clark Kent mode...

He was very attractive....

I have to admit the first time we talked I thought he sounded sexy :)

It was jr high so not sure exactly but I have always thought he was the sweetest. Not to mention he pretty easy on the eyes. His eyes are great to look into. I do know I always liked looking into his eyes when he spoke to me.

Sexy, sweet, kind, fun, and I knew he was someone I wanted to know and love.

I think I was intimidated because of her beauty and scared to talk to her for a little bit

Ooooh, he's cute.

Great, 2 women living with my boyfriend. Haha

That he looked so polished, so straight out of a Hugo Boss advertisement. Also very yellow.

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