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What's something your partner's really good at?

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Listening, school, piano, singing, flipping, being my boyfriend, sex

She is the best at making me feel loved she puts me first or as close to first as she can always thinking of my feelings and needs she is selfless and kind I love her

Teasing, being so so beautiful. And being amazing

Freestyling FOR SURE

Computer stuff and making people laugh and smile.
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Female, 36-40 years, Dating | Jul 19, 2014

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He is great at literally everything. EVERYTHING.


Looking smoking hot and being a good girl :) i really give her credit because i know every guy wants her or attempts to swoop her up but she has been the most loyal girlfriend i have ever had and i want her to know that i love her sooooo much. Shes also really good at putting a smile on my face :)

being very sweet and funny

....... Cont..... She wants this too so I will die fulfilled.... That's one of the things she is best at... Merp..

making me listen to him. :P

She's a dope beat boxer. She's good at arts and crafts, a creative streak that I envy. She's very creative and genuine, and she makes it look so easy.

Air hockey, ping pong, soccer, really anything that you can play at Dave n busters
Lifting weights, DRIVING, gift-giving, giving advice, picking restaurants, planning surprises, sex..just..all of it yepp mhmmm
Female, 31-35 years, Dating, MD, US | Dec 11, 2014

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Helping. Even when she is so busy with her life she continues to have a heart of care.

Running.. Singing.. At times I guess.. Hmmm making me laugh.. Being a best friend.. My stylist?

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