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What's your favorite kind of food? Your partner's?

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Mine is a toss up between Italian or Mexican. Hers is most definitely Mexican.

Mine, potatoes or rice. His, spicy peppers added to everything or French fries

La hamburguesa . La de ella tal ve sea la pizza o el pollo

Anything and gulab jamun

Chicken. Chicken lol!

Mine is Mexican. Pretty sure my hubby's is lasagna.

Mexican. I would have said Italian.

I love chicken in all its forms. He loves Chinese food. Specifically the buffets

el pollo estofado de su mamá

We love poutine

Pizza and Mexican. A mix of everything really. And hers well she doesn't like spicy food even though I get her every time ;-) shes wimp on that. But she likes sushi and some southern cooking. Never too picky

Ice cream!!! And grilled anything.
Hers are pasta of all sorts and duck rillette. And now it's bubble tea

I love pizza, Mi Zarape, and Chinese. He loves Taco Bell.

Chick fil a. Dominos. IHOP. Chocolate lol. I love fruit too! Grilled cheese. Olive Garden salads. I love Chinese as well. I have to be in the mood to want something though but I have no specific type of food that I love. I know he loves Bonangles and Miltons and places like that. Chick fil a too. He loves chicken period. Tbh I'm not sure what else. He never talks about food he loves.

Haha mine is probably some Mexican dish hers sushi mangos pizza Taco Bell haha

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