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What makes the best present: something useful, or a big surprise?

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Big surprise

las sorpresas de la nada , como cuando recién nos juntamos y dijo que cada vez que me enfermara traería flores.

Big surprise :) the more romantic and grand the better

Both make for a good gift to me.
Either/or, it's the thought of someone thinking of me when they didn't have to, but instead, with their own will, went out of their way to do something nice is a good feeling regardless.
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Mar 22, 2016

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I suppose something that is a big surprise because most useful things I get or do for myself most of the time because that's what I'm used to. By doing something for me that I normally wouldn't do for myself is always special because that's just it- I wouldn't do it for myself.

I think both are important. It is best to keep gifts surprises because the exciting part is seeing what it actually is. But I think the best gift is something that shows you care for the other one. Something they said they wanted but could not afford / didn't get or something useful to them (for their hobbies or life in general) are good gifts to me

it depends. in my opinion something useful and that I want is good, but sometimes adding thr excitemet of a surprise spices up my life. though I believe that the best gifts are the ones that my boyfriend gives me spontaneously and from his heart.

Either as long as it's thoughtful and original and it comes from him

I love surprises useful things are cool too! How about a useful surprise?

Hmmm that's a tough one. Surprises are fun! As long as they're useful too. Even if the utility is minor, surprises are a lot of fun but it's gotta have some usefulness.

a big suprise

something useful

A surprise of something useful that I didn't know I needed, but comes in clutch.

Both are great but ultimately, it's the thought that counts.

I love both TBH
Can't choose!
Both to me!
Male, 26-30 years, Dating | Jan 24, 2016

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