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Would you ever consider adopting a child if you couldn't have your own?

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Si , claro que si..


Der da der.

Yes, I just want to raise a child with the woman I love and give that child everything I never had.

si . si puedo pero aún así si

Only if I couldn't have my own

YES! Even if I can have my own. It's been a dream of mine.

That's more problematic than most people would probably assume it is. It brings a lot of problems with it and they are mostly sub-conscious for you and for your child. Honestly: I'm not sure if I'd to.

Definitely yes!

Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | May 28, 2020

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Yes, even otherwise.

nah want my own genes

I already have my own. Kids are overrated, let's get puppies instead.

já, yrðum geggjaðar mömmur

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