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Is romance important in a couple's everyday life? If so, what's the best way to keep it alive?

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Yes, spend time alone from time to time. Text them once a day even if your busy, to let them know you care. Make time to have a romantic night from time to time as a little surprise, this could be spending the night together in a new way or just having a romantic dinner or date night that wasn't planned. Just do something special for them from time to time to let them know you still care.

Don't choke her. I mean it. Basically, let her up before she passed out.

Yes, chivalry is not dead, I loved his flowers and various surprise texts or icebreaker answers about his love for me.
And vice versa, I think I send him love notes too
Female, 36-40 years, Dating, TX, US | Oct 15, 2015

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Duh! Just keep being romantic and don't forget about the little things.
A flower picked from the street is just as cute and romantic as an expensive bouquet, if not more <3 (I do love the bouquet though)

I think it's very important. I know sometimes I can be boring but I promise I'm trying my best and I'll try even harder. <3
You're never boring. The romance is very much alive (despite distance). Can't wait to be closer! ❤️
Female, 21-25 years, Dating, NJ, US | Apr 26, 2016

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It is important, to keep the couple going, to keep the fire burning. Best way to keep it alive ? To surprise each other once in a while. Gifts, gentle move, anything that shows you care for the other person

ooo um talk about if there is something wrong and fuck and um idk :D

Of course. Having little details that makes the other one feel good and love. I know sometimes I´m not romantic, but I´m trying my best and I will be more romantic. I love you
I like when you tell me romantic things
Male, <20 years, Dating | Dec 23, 2017

I like it too.
Female, <20 years, Dating | Dec 29, 2017

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Yes! Remembering to appreciate one another.

The little things are as important as the massive gestures I think. I think waking up to "good morning" messages knowing he sent them at midnight is romantic. I thought buying me a keyring USB charger was romantic as well, but maybe I'm weird. And possibly have rather low expectations compared to the extravagance my friends expect. Things that cost more seem less romantic to me...
Yes! Low expectations for the win.
Male, 31-35 years, Dating, ENG, GB | Nov 15, 2015

This does not include jewellery or important gift-giving times. Just an FYI... 😉
Female, 36-40 years, Dating | Nov 18, 2015

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Yes. Very! However, for some people it comes naturally and others may not even think about it. When a relationship starts up both people go the extra mile to do special little things, flowers, romantic/intimate talks and moments together, special dates or outings, little surprises etc. The works begins when you know your partner loves you and you don't have to try anymore...but never stop trying! It's not easy, but it is essential.

I think it is..with little surprises. Doesn't have to be a big thing just little gestures to show each other affection.

Yes it is, and the best way I have found is to find time to take small trips with each other alone without the kiddos.. Have some alone time to reconnect and just be together with out the stresses of life. Do something fun.

Spend some time apart and realize how much u love and need them!

I think so, even just little actions or even to let them know you're thinking of them will do the trick.

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