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How 'at home' do you feel with your partner's family?

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10 with her sister
7 with her dad
4with her mom
11/10 the cat

I love going over to my girls moms house, I have such a wonderful time. I feel welcomed and loved

idk i have never met his family :D

I feel like they are a part of my own family. And I feel like they really love me and I truly care for them also.

Pretty at home. But I still feel a little shy/ feel like I have to play hostess around them

very just not enough to walk around shirtless haha

Hum... Not really. Her mom is special and it always feels like I have to do things to get her to like me. There are a lots of rules that need to be enforced, it is really different from my parents' style. I feel like a guest when I am there. But I do it for her.

Totes with her children :)

Very much first I was a bit shy but now it's like family

Very comfortable :p her family is so nice to me!! Hehe they helped me surprise her for Valentine's Day :) I love the faith they have in the two us :D

Very at home, they are all so kind and always ask how I'm doing, and make me feel very comfortable.

Male, 26-30 years, Dating | Jun 28, 2016

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idk, never tried

Ha! Not at all

very very at home. it feels like i'm already part of their family. it feels like wedding is the only thing that they wish to come. :)
very at home. :) we are just waiting for 5-6 years then ill be officially part of his family
Female, 31-35 years, Dating | Mar 23, 2016

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