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What’s your most important daily ritual?

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Remembering him n god befor opening my eyes!!

Fucking, if not, masturbation, have to get the poison out daily

Kissing her goodbye and hello ; )

After my love and I have said goodbye to each other in the morning, I have to find a picture or quote that represents exactly how I'm feeling. Whether it be erotic because he's teased me and left me in bed craving his embrace or just a sweet nothing to make him smile whenever he thinks of me, not a morning will go by that I don't express my love for him <3

Talking to bub :))


A good morning text

I might say falling asleep on the phone with him every night, if that counts

Brushing my teeth

Both my morning and night time routines.

Niet echt romantisch, maar mijn lenzen aandoen! :-)

Making coffee, getting the paper, enjoying them in bed with her.

Douchen en make-up

The goodbye and hello kisses

Texting her:)

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