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When was the last time you complimented your partner in public?

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I'm not sure how to answer that. Hopefully I do it though.

The last time we where in public. I do try to make sure I let him know how great he is.

Yesterday when I told Joey to fuck off because I love you and don't care what he says

good climb at dairy farm today

I always tell him how good he is to me and how happy he makes me. He's such a great man and I'm so lucky to have him.


Suelo mencionarlo con frecuencia en todas las publicaciones profesionales que hago. Pero a nivel personal le felicito poco, debería hacerlo más, hay mucho mérito que reconocerle. No me había dado cuenta hasta que he leído la pregunta.

Almost daily. I'm proud to be with such an all-around phenomenal girl. So down to earth, reasonable, loving and fun.

All day err day

2-3 weeks ago about. Maybe 4 weeks? Time flies.

Told her she was more beautiful than the frankie bridge lookielikie today at work!

In person I think I complimented him when we were in the kimono central and he just finished putting his yukata on. He looked so handsome ,as always. Last time I compliented him in public but he was not there was today. I was talking to a friend of how amazing my boyfriens is.

Whenever I see them or are with them in public.

Probably at Christmas, but I do not remember what I said :P

whenever he is cool

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