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What would you prefer your partner to be: a teddy bear or a tiger?

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A tiger;)

Um neither but she calls me her teddy bear

A teddy bear. Because I can snuggle up and fall asleep so well with her. And also because we already know "crazy tiger"

He is both. He is my cuddly teddy bear when we fall asleep, watch TV/Movies and hugging/holding me. He is my tiger when it's time for little fang to come out to play :P He is a great balance of both.

Tiger! Rawer!!

He is my mansized teddy bear...

A teddy bear most of the time. But I'd like to be pounced on by a tiger on occasion too ;)

Teddy bear

Gentle giant!

a teddy bear

Hmm, between a teddy bear and a tiger I'd rather my partner be a tiger.


He's my little teddy bear :3

A teddy bear most of the time but a tiger some days

una tigra en la cama que primero me savorea todo mi cuerpo y adora el olor de mi carne...y despues me come todo!!!

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