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What's the most courageous thing you've done in your relationship?

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I think being in the relationship because it means taking a leap of faith but the has been amazing :-)

Kissing my LOML. 😉 during our relationship the most courageous thing I've done is let down all my walls.

Been completely open to trying new things that I never thought I would have the confidence/courage to. Like traveling to a different country for a month with barely any plans/money.

This whole relationship is courageous. I've been hurt a lot so it takes a lot to trust someone and fully give my heart away.

This whole relationship is a courageous leap of faith. It's taking a lot to put my fragile heart in his hands and trust that he will care for it.

Being long distance and letting our love work its magic instead of getting scared and back out


to force my boyfriend buying me a strapon

Being in a long distance relationship. It's been tough but worth it

Allowing her to see me crestfallen.

Honestly, I think deciding that I wanted to try the distance. As crazy as it sounded at the time. That, or inviting him to Michigan. That took a lot. Even my mom asked if I was sure I wanted to do that lol.
I didn't know it was such a big deal about Michigan! But I'm glad you want me to come!
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Nov 29, 2015

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Anal all the time! Jk, having my baby look at him as a father and move to elma

Act upon the length of my attraction to him and not let go despite time and distance

Stand with my wife in the delivery room

Our whole relationship is courageous. We decided to be together even though we knew there was a huge shadow coming, the shadow of long distance. And we worked it out and now I am proud of what we have achieved in a year, of all the confidence and love we built in our relationship.

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