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What was the best job you've had so far? Why?

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Working on spirits brands in the advertising industry!

a cross between native mph and my senior project, which was "art therapy" for first graders. we went around and took pictures and colored and drew and spoke things about ourselves through that. native mph got to focus on native folks and the senior project was focused entirely on art, which i wanna use to carry out native mph's mission

Outback Steakhouse in soflo. My coworkers were so much fun in and out of work, and this one manager was the bomb digity. Went to Miami all night one night, then came to work hungover and off 2 hours of sleep.. Fell asleep on a shelf in the stock closet, he found me and let me go home instead of firing my ass hahha

My current job. :] However, thank God I worked at TT long enough to have met TY! lol. 😘
Awe, you really mean it!?
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Mar 12, 2016

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fise, porque me gusta comunicarme con las personas.

Even though it hard, I would say this job because it has given me so much

I guess the job I'm at now

Flight medic. Everyday was something different , you didn't know what to expect when you showed up at work. At the end of each day I had a feeling of fulfillment because I knew that I had made a huge difference in someone's life.

Well professionally my current one bc it branches me out with many opportunities to grow..and growing up I would have to say my schools cafe bc it was super chill and I got free stuff 😎

So far my best job was working in the lab because although the job got a tad boring, the people really made the day and always made sure there was a laugh or two around every corner!

My current one. The only one that truly means something to me and the one that got me the chance to meet the love of my life!


I loved being a corporate trainer. Getting to travel and meet so many different people. I learned a lot!

I worked for Hot Topic as a sales associate. It was great! The people were kind and fun to be around and I got a lot of discounts on merchandise.

Outside of the home, Disney! By far the best and most fun job! Would love to go back there.

At home, being a mom is the best ever!

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