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Who in your relationship is more likely to make the big decisions?

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60/50 I'm the 60 😝


We make the decitions together, so... she :)

Probably me

Well that's a very intriguing question for us. We both have made some seriously big decisions and there are more to come but we both share equally tough and big decisions on our own level

Idk I think either one of us, maybe both of making the decisions together

Hmmm. I don't think we've had the chance to make a really big decision together just yet, but I think we're the kind of couple that talks things through and decides together.

She makes the big decisions I just decide whether or not to listen or get killed if I don't. So of course she makes them lol
Lol usually me. I'm very spoiled and selfish and like for everything to be or go my way so yes, usually me. But I try to let him have some say in things and ask for his opinion on it sometimes.
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Nov 03, 2014

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Depends on the decision.

I think me? What you think babe?

I think we are really good at making big decisions together- discussing things and arriving at a consensus.

Ha me I guess with her direction!

Me lol, because that's how she likes it. But if she does speak up I always listen :)


He does. But if I have something to say he always listen (:

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