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How do you think your partner sees you?

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With his eyes open :p

Pretty yet dumb blonde girl

I don't know really. Probably as a major goofball and kinda wacko.

Leo like:)
I love my Leo :)
Female, 41-50 years, Dating, ID, US | Mar 20, 2014

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He sees me the exact opposite of how I see myself.

As a complaining gf who causes stress and headache :(

Loyal, intelligent, good mum, always there for him when he needs me, ambitious and enough crazy :)

I think he sees me as a loving person who likes to nurture other people, but disorganized and with a tendency to be behind schedule.

Naked....even when I have clothes on lol.
I wish you never had clothes on, unless in public, cuz its mine!!
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Apr 14, 2014

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He sees me as close to the way God sees me as anyone.

I KNOW how he sees me because he is so wonderful as to tell me frequently! Smart, beautiful, sexy, strong....I am working to see myself through his eyes! LOVE YOU!

I think he sees me as a loving person :) as his little girl

Messy. Lol

I hope as an equal in all aspects.

A crazy cat man who is hyper sensitive/short tempered yet very caring. A manly man who can be relied upon when it matters most.

I hope he sees me as the most beautiful, kind, hot, caring girl - a wonderful wife and mother . I think he does because he tells me that.

I think he also thinks I can get a bit over- emotional though (where his parents are concerned ) -- which is true !

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