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Does your partner listen to you?

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When I talk to a person I need to have an eye contact with him. But he never looks at me. He always looks away

Sometimes I do t think he does. It's like I'm talking but sometimes he won't respond or go off in another subject.

Sure does

More now than she use to

yes she listens to me and cares about what i think
When I yell or get mad - I wish he listened to me without me having to do that
Female, 41-50 years, Married | Feb 26, 2014

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Yes. We have a lot going on right now and I think it would help us both if we did more focused listening.
Absolutely you are a great listener!!!
Male, >50 years, Married | Mar 16, 2014

Thank you for that babe!!!
Male, >50 years, Married | Mar 16, 2014

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I think he listens at times but he doesn't hear me.

Most of the time... But I talk A LOT...

My partner and I actually trouble shoot together. We listen.

He has been listening better than he ever has before to everything I say...thank you 😘
What is important to you is important to me, and I love the sound of your voice:)
Male, >50 years, Married, ID, US | Feb 22, 2014

Thank you. :)
Female, 41-50 years, Dating, ID, US | Feb 22, 2014

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Without question! The night I met her the amount of respect and attention she afforded me was awe inspiring. Even more so as it still rings true today!

I think I can say YES now!! 😊
Very good listener! And very thoughtful!
Male, 41-50 years, Married, NC, US | Feb 26, 2014

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Yes :)


I talk her ears off....

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