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How did you feel the minute before your first kiss?

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Sigh... I can't even imagine.
Nor can I!! Ugh the butterflies
Male, 41-50 years, Dating, CA, US | Dec 19, 2015

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I went brainless and couldn't think, and my heart was racing. He still has that effect even to this day.

I don't remember how i felt before, but I'll never forget how i felt after. I was so unbelievably smitten and I couldn't wait to see him again. I knew it was the "real deal" right away.

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. We'll here goes nothing.

"You tackled me" -EZ


Surprised and impressed

I felt that it was too soon to kiss at that time, but I really wanted to kiss him. I enjoyed it, though I dont know why I got so nervous and overthinked. I thought that maybe if we kissed for a long time he would judge me, so I stopped the kiss very soon :(

I could truly could see myself with this man...😊 that's why I kissed him

Nervous, mad, unwanted, ugly... awkward

Anxious, I wasn't sure if it was going to happen or if it was even the right thing to do

Our first kiss, I felt like I wanted to kiss you! I had a fun time on our date, got a little drunk. You had me laughing the whole night. ☺️ ...First kiss in general, I was trying to think of a polite way to run away. lol

I honestly don't remember our first kiss, but I know it took a while for him to work up the nerve to finally make a move!

I said ok and was charmed by your manners :)

I felt anxious to kiss him and happy he kissed me, finally! ❤️We've had a super strong connection since day 1. We were talking for hours about all kinds of things, and then it happened and it was so right and so great😍
Nervous lol, was trying to work up the courage for a while during some deep conversation then I took a dive in and lucky for me she kissed me back and it was amazing..... The rest is history ❤️
Male, 41-50 years, Dating | Jan 28, 2016

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