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What was your most recent dream?

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I wish I could remember :(. I have a tendency to forget my dreams right when I wake up, but I am sure my girlfriend was in it.

It's too long to write but I recently just told him about it lol

Soñé que estaba rodeado de amigos exitosos como en una cabaña. Y por la ventana cruzaba miradas con mi mujer. Conexión total ;)

big flood from rains. big ditch washing out from under house. was trying to save it with sand bags. weird

Col Hingson was driving us around town in a polo shirt tucked into his jeans. He wouldn't let us borrow the Yaris, in case he needed it, but compromised by chauffeuring us around

He got close to a girl in GA and decided that worked better for him
Were they my dogs? Hope not. They love you.
Female, 36-40 years, Dating | Oct 26, 2015

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I usually don't recall my dreams, except when I am stressed out mostly. So when I dream, it is not always pleasant. Therefore, I try to forget them. Last dream was about being away from Jessica and did not feel good :/.

It was actually about my roommate and her boyfriend lol kinda crazy

I've not actually had any dreams recently

Last night I dreamed I was playing a board game with both my parents, it was kinda sad.
A couple nights ago I had a dream about petting dogs.
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Jan 12, 2016

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I dreamed last night that I was a model

Whit and I moved into a bigger room. It was awesome. Then I woke up and was like oh well hahaha

I can't actually remember. I haven't dreamt in a few days and can't remember my last one. Erin's was about her losing her phone in a river or something.

Dreamt I was day off with michelle ❤️ then woke up at 5am for work but michelle works with me so it's cool :)

We got waffles and then netflix and chilled in a random parking lot 😂😂 and then we spotted a camera and then broke into the security office to get rid of the footage 😝

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