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When you are in need of encouragement, what is the best way to let your partner know?

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Reassurance and listening

The best way is to tell her

diciéndoselo directamente, pero con una actitud proactiva y no con comportamientos derrotistas

Be consistent honest and listen with both ears

Pues usualmente se lo digo, o cuando ya de plano lo necesito no puedo evitar llorar...
El no es muy bueno para esto, no se involucra, a lo mucho me pregunta que,que tengo pero obvio si no le respondo claramente deja de insistir, aunque es claro que en esos momentos mas que un interrogatorio solo necesito saber que puedo contar con el...
Pero como dije, el prefiere no involucrarse, es muy frío en ese sentido... Y en muchos otros...

Let's get food and leave the phones at home.

Just to tell him normally it's hard being 2 hours away and knowing when someone needs encouraged. But he is an amazing listener I do have to definitely say that.

í Like to be alone

I dont know

berbicara langsung sepertinya, karna kalo kode dia tidak akan peka kalo soal sedang butuh dukungan hehe
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Jun 30, 2017

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I don't actually 🤔
.....??? Sooooo lets work on doing that:) lol
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Jun 15, 2016

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Make my sad puppy eyes face? :P

He always knows.

Just telling him how I'm feeling right when I need it. He's pretty awesome at being encouraging.

He just knows.

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