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What "perfect date" would you like to have with your partner?

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He has already took me on one recently. I look forward to many more in the future. One of the things I think any couple should never quit doing is dating. It's vital to every relationship.

A date that delights in the senses! For example, holding hands and walking down deserted sandy ocean beach, looking at the stars. Having a foodie supper at a beautiful intimate location by candlelight, with a view, flowers, soft music. Then couples massage, followed by my husband massaging my back, arms, legs . . . bum . . . breasts . . . between my legs . . . then I would return the favor by massaging him with my mouth . . . followed by hot heavy sex . . . several times . . .

eat breakfast out, a romantic stroll in the park, mid day nap together while cuddling, eat out for lunch, workout together, then shower and prepare to eat out for dinner

An entire weekend alone with Kayla.. playing games ;)
Game night!
Female, 36-40 years, Engaged | Dec 12, 2013

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Being alone with no outside interruptions

ir a la playa con comidita rica, un vinito y quedarnos hasta la noche, ver el atardecer y luego las estrellas, "hacer loq sabemos hacer toda la noche" jajaja ;) y en la mañana siguiente nadar en el mar buenazoooooo

Date at a beautiful uncrowded beach walking holding hands watching the sun set feeling right sized grateful and together.
I really like your perfect date. Definitely agree. I also like the idea of a mountain lodge. Cold and snowy outside. Sitting by the fire close together eating a great meal. Or inside my favorite Starbucks picture
Male, >50 years, Married | Jan 08, 2014

Love love this idea and you
Female, >50 years, Married | Jan 09, 2014

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Oh, start out at the gun range and shoot some targets then go to Buffalo Wild Wings then maybe cap the night off with a midnight release of Star Wars..
Yeah I'm pretty sure that's it right there!!!!
Female, 31-35 years, Dating | Nov 19, 2013

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Candlelight dinner on the beach as the sun sets. Dancing under the stars together. Cuddling next to a bonfire listening to the waves crashing. Play games on the boardwalk holding hands.

Anything he plans is amazing and perfect! I am always up for an adventure and a full weekend worth of a date would be worth it! Including camping, and dinners, and dancing and theatre, and also just each others company. Cuddling is a must and of course crazy wild sex will be thrown throughout the entire date!

Beach vacation!

Sitting by the fire with a glass of wine

Every date with my husband is a perfect date.. he is such of gentleman and thinks of every detail.. totally amazing..

I would first take her somewhere new and fun like a couples painting class where we can express our selves, then take her out to either a fancy restaurant or an olive garden (both amazing choices), then i would take her to a comedy club because hearing her laugh is the happiest thing in my life. We would end the night at an awesome house party where we would dominate at flip cup and beer pong and boom because we are drinking CHAMPIONS! Then we would have amazing sex and cuddle with each other.

Just spending alone time with my wife. Talking about everything. With no interruptions, electronics or kids.
;) no electronics! I will shut mine down by 9pm every day from now on. I love you. I recognize it has gotten out of hand.
Female, 36-40 years, Dating, NY, US | Jan 21, 2014

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