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What unshared romantic dreams do you have?

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Before we had our first date, two nights in a row I had a dream about us having our first kiss.

No sé si es compartido...vivir juntos

To hold his hand.

A really romantic engagement moment. It's never happened for me. Even with my ex-husband.
BTW - you did that for me.
Female, 41-50 years, Married, MD, US | Mar 21, 2016

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I have shared a lot with him. Not much I have not told him...

To be swept off my feet by a surprise trip where everything has been planned. All I have to do is go.

Him proposing to me again, in a romantic way, without the photographer ruining it.. but then I am afraid he would do it and it would be just as bad or worse, so I try not to think too much about the stupid photographer and more about the moment and how cute he looked that day.

Still would love to come home to her waiting for me to make love to her😘

I day dream about coming home to a candlelit dinner waiting, or getting surprise flowers/gifts with cute 'anonymous' notes.


To make love under the stars and regardless if people are around or not, we have no idea because we are so focused on one another.

I would like to go to a place where we can be completely alone without any distractions. Maybe somewhere the night is clear and we can see the clearest night sky and all of its beauty.

Non really anymore my partner and I have been down that road and it didn't really end well for us. Any new ideas would have to be hers.

Hmmm. A super creative proposal in the future. We've talked about it before.

Can't say

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