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What's something your partner's really good at?

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he's musically talented. and he is extremely good at his job. I'm so proud of him for that.

He is amazing in bed . He is such a good kisser . But most of all he can really stands me even w my bad character he is there w me

He's so good with people!! He knows how to make everyone feel so special- especially me! And sex of course!

Making me feel good!

Taking care of me <3

Sitting on my cock.

Playing the guitar, techie stuff, trivias and anything health related.

He's really good at making me feel better about myself when I begin to doubt and worry. He has a way of talking to me that isn't condescending, or ego-driven. He's so down-to-earth and makes me feel comfortable in my own skin :)

Being adventurous

Making me happy and making me love him more and more every day.


Sleep. School. First impressions. Volleyball. Interviews. Being a badass. Motivating me. Turning up. Basically, everything!
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, NC, US | Mar 05, 2014

Male, 26-30 years, Dating | Mar 05, 2014

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Fixing things
Anything mechanical
Opening things
Handling emergencies
Making people laugh
So many things

Making me worry less because he thinks of everything and always is prepared.

Singing !!! And making me feel like I'm the only girl in the world .

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