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What's something you would like to do for your partner, but just haven't had the time?

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Cook her a meal using actual cooking things.

Take a vacation together alone

All kinds of things! Different activities is like to do with him! One being I'd love to go to a Vols game with him cause I know how much he loves that team.

Take her to Texas.

Hacer un plan de comidas y actividad física, por salud

Surprise him on a weekend. Be standing outside his window and text him to look outside or something.

cocinar lo que más le gusta el combinado

A lot actually. Like going to the beach and sit on the bench while watching the sunset or strolling around the park while eating ice cream or watching scary movies while having loads of spicy foods

Fuck her real good
Sham coming. *monkey emoticon* I would love to spend an entire month with you.
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Jan 14, 2016

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I would like to bring her for dance classes and teach her to express herself and teach her that life has a lot more meaning than she thinks.

I would like to take her on a vacation!
Let's go!!! ❤️
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, NJ, US | Apr 19, 2016

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Getting a 'Family Portrait' done with her, her dog, and myself :p

take him to a sporting event or go to a Kung fu class with him!

Take her on a trip out west, just get in car and go

Go camping together

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