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What's something your partner's really good at?

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Frustrating me. Hahahaha.

Good listener, even though I know sometimes he's doing the pretend listening but I yap my mouth a lot. He's good at turning me on. Making me smile when I'm having a bad day. Plays with my kids, pretty sure they like him way more than me.

She is good at making me laugh! She is always saying something or doing something funny! She also turns me on ALOT! I am always craving her! And she is an awesome person to talk to when I'm down :) thanks babe!!! It means alot to me!

She's *REALLY* good at *lots* of things (several of which I can't mention in public). She always gets the *BEST* parking space, always gets it "on sale", she's an incredible mom, a trusting partner, a highly skilled and amazing artist. But one of my personal faves... she's *INCREDIBLY GOOD* at being sexy and getting a rise out of me, without even trying. I always feel under-dressed when I'm next to her, even when she's "just wearing jeans and a tee". I'm spellbound!
Making me dance (dance, dance).
Male, >50 years, Married, Gay, CA, US | Jan 29, 2014

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Being committed to her work outs. Takes a motivated person to stick to that routine.

Pranks... I dred the day -.- lol but there's so much more he's good at <3 like poetry, archeology.. He's so smart! 😊

Making love, making me come, making see paradise, making me fall in love ( he is amazing with women) they still love him after years.. but he is totally mine!! he is an amazing chef and smart and I can go on forever..

he is amazingly musically talented, he can just pick stuff up - i can be passable with a TON of work but honestly cannot carry a tune in a bucket
Female, 41-50 years, Married | Feb 17, 2014

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She makes me feel very happy

Being spontaneous
really? I disagree. You're good at being smart. Random facts... fixing stuff... drumming... making me happy <3
Female, 36-40 years, Married, Bi | Feb 17, 2014

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Cooking.... Yummy bacon and eggs, tacos, steaks.... Everything

Buying me a massage chair?

gaining the trust of others..............blowjobs


Making me smile when I'm mad at her

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