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What's the best vacation or trip you've taken with your partner? What made it special?

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san andres, fue nuestro primer viaje solos

St. Augustine trip for sure, was a point we still shared so much together, best part was sitting on the beach watching stars and waiting for the sunrise

This Is tuff. Cause she has take me on an amazing cruise. But the best had to be Washington. And it was special cause I got the honor of meeting the 2 wonderful people who had the biggest impact on her life Andrade her the beautiful caring person she is and they are the ones she holds most dear in her heart. It was a privilege to meet 2 of the most wonderful people there is.

So far, our Boston trip last weekend. It was special because it was the first time we've been in person since she had to move back home in the fall. I can't even describe how happy I was and how natural and right everything felt the moment that I saw her face again :) and we did so many fun things too :D

I'd say our trip to Saint Augustine. I loved being out on the beach with him at sunrise. It was an amazing experience and I was glad to share it with him.

We had a kickass trip to New Orleans, a "staycation" around the house, and a hiking trip in Pond, MS. It was pretty nice having a multi event weekend.

KOREA! sérstaklega Busan, það var bara allt geggjað við þessa ferð! Fengum loksins að kynnast þessari menningu og það saman!

We havent had one yet

I am so excited to travel with him. Austin was amazing. I know we would travel well together.

New Orleans, because she showed me parts of her past and we danced the night away. It was also great to spend time with her family.

Al principio de la relación fuimos a una boda juntos. Me gustó mucho estar a su lado en una fiesta con sus amigos, que me presentase como su pareja, reirnos, dormir juntos...

beach. we stay alone, no kids.

The only one. Arraial do Cabo. It's the only one we actually travelled together.
I also love going to Ireland, but we met there. we didn't travel together.


Oh man all of them have been amazing. But if I had to chose I'd say to Napa because it was one of our first big trips together to celebrate each other, and regardless of the not so pleasant things that happened, we were still able to work things out and be with one another. I think that's important. Getting through the bad times together. And plus he was so cute and romantic with candles everywhere..

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