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What's your favorite kind of food? Your partner's?

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I love mozzarella sticks! I'm not sure what his absolute favorite food is. I know he loves calamari.

Japanese usually, and I'd say his would be country food. Actually no, foods comprised of thousand island

Crab legs for both

We eat a great variety, enjoy so many kinds too many kinds give me BBQ and ice cream. I really enjoy his homemade pizza!

Mexican food
What plate do you enjoy most?
Female, >50 years, Married, TX, US | Aug 08, 2013

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I like Indian and he likes Japanese.

Pakistani foood!


She is very diverse as far as food goes. She loves sushi and steak I looove oxtails

Sushi and any kind of seafood

Chinese. Lol. His is Chinese too.

Mijn is sushi van hem is een lekker stuk vlees met sla en gebakken aardappels

goodness. Let me paint a story. keep in mind i dont eat sushi.- I would love to share sushi with him, on a rooftop. Where the veiw is a spectacular war or stars and city lights. it would be pleasantly cold up there.

Ice cream is a type of food and that's mine. My husband's favorite type is steak and potatoes
That chicken tikka! Hahaha I love dessert
Female, >50 years, Dating, CA, US | Jul 24, 2013

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I like good stuff: cheesecake, Chinese food, good ole country style food. She likes gross shit like sushi. But she's still my number one girl.

Anything new that I like, chocolate

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