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What are you most grateful for in life?

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My ability to adapt to any situation, with an optimistic attitude.

Being in love with my best friend who is always there for me and picks me up when I'm down. Or picks me up when I'm drunk :)

Having an open minded parent raise me and let me explore life and grow to be the person I am today.

A chance to make a living amends each day.

Having a wonderful husband to grow old with- someone who is gentle, loving, and fun!

The health of my children

That my love will soon finally be physically be with me for more than a week or month here and there so that we may start our family

My beautiful wife and kids. Our family that never gives up and is always striving to become better in every aspect.

I am most grateful for being able to love someone as perfect as you, and knowing that I get to spend a whole eternity falling deeper and deeper in love with her
Female, 31-35 years, Dating | Apr 22, 2014

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My support system. My Dad, Mom, Family, Girlfriend, Friends. They're all there for me whenever I need them.

My kids and my s/o. I never thought my heart would be this full. They make my life so amazing and happy

The wonderful family god has blessed me with... the greatest husband I could ever dream of and our beautiful daughter!

My husband, my kids and our families. The fact that we can rely on each other for support.

My children and my ability to forgive and love with my whole heart...even though I haven't gotten that back from anyone in return.

My son

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