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Do nice guys (and gals) really finish last? How so?

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Sometimes, they must learn how to not get taken advantage or ran over.

No, the right person will want you for your niceness

It depends on the event.

Yes they do. People that are too nice usually never stand up for what they want, so they never get it

Pushovers finish last. You can still be stern and nice.

No, in fact sometimes these two nice people will even tie, intentionally!!

Typically but I have faith that might change

Nice people can get shit on, but I don't think they always come in last place; unless they choose to. If a person allows themselves to come in last place, that's not the niceness getting in the way. That's another characteristic.

por desgracia estamos dentro de una sociedad muy artificial, que antes que buscar un copañero de vida buscan compañero de fiesta (hombres y mujeres por igual) a mi me han dejado por ser mas hogareña y por preferir salir a lugares simples antes que a un bar (a que voy si ni tomo xp) o al cine o cosas asi... me tachan de aburrida por ser feliz viendo peliculas en casa o por gustar de ir a algun parque a leer o dibujar...para lo unico que aceptan quedarse en casa es para sexo...

Never. It's always better to be nice.
No...It's sad that people think so.
Female, >50 years, Dating | Sep 03, 2015

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No. I think timid guys finish last... Timid guys are too nice and lack the confidence to put in the appropriate amount of effort to "finish first". Assertiveness and confidence are important and attractive qualities, but I think think that there still needs to be a certain level of niceties that are incorporated into a man I would deem worthy of finishing first...

🐾⚔⚡️⚡️🐾you said it all

No one's the same. But, like, so long as I finished, I'mma good :p

I think people are stupid for not wanting to be with a nice person or for treating them like crap. And I dnt think nice guys/gals finish last because in the end they are the ones that are going to be happier and stronger.

Not if they find the right person, you need to find someone who appreciates and loves you for your "niceness"

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