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What nickname do you think your partner would give you?

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I don't think she would give me a nickname?

something that can be taken negatively like Viper, or queen. he says these things when he's annoyed with me

"My girl" ❤️

Lol "baby squirrel" has been the weirdest one but I llllooovvveeee it cuz its just mine and no one else's.


He calls me goober lol

I don't know but I've already given him several: Honeybear, Boogerbutt, Bunny, Hiney, Babydoll, etc.
Googie, Babycakes, Peanut, etc! Those are the ones I use most!
Male, >50 years, Dating, Gay, SC, US | Apr 01, 2014

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Sex machine!
Yup! Most likely!
Female, 41-50 years, Married | Apr 02, 2014

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JigglyPuff? No?

smart ass

No idea.... LOL... But it would be creative...

More like which one has she not ALREADY given me!! Hahahah😘

I'm not sure, we don't really have nicknames for each other -- only for our kids. Maybe we should come up with some!

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