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What turns you on about your partner?

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Everything, in all honesty! His determination, his maturity, his undying devotion to his son, his love for me, his drive... Literally everything <3


Looking into his eyes begins it. And then whenever he puts his hand on my leg or touches my hair or kisses my neck in public - that seals the deal.

What turns me on about my partner is his sweet demeanor, his gorgeous face, his eyes, nose, eyebrows...also when he focuses attention on my and is very sweet and loving towards me, that turns me on.

😱😱😱😱😱 what im seeing now on the screen

Everything about him. His silver-blue eyes, his smile, his sense of humor, when he arches his eyebrow at me...

His sexy. His dimple. His smile. How his eyes light up when he's happy. His body.

Everything about her as cliched as it sounds.

Her sex drive, the fact she likes women as much as I do!

his sweetness, everytime he hugsme for no reason... everytime he stare at me

Her looks maturity flower nose lips and intelligence

His voice, the way he is built, his sexts, the way he touches me, the way he kisses me slow, when he rubs my sides up n down really fast or rubs my back when were out. When he grabs my hand, when he calls me babe, when he tells me to do "things".....

his face expression during love making, when he is into cuddling with me, when he prays with me, when talks about me to others, when he grabs me from behind and kisses me

Her personality and sense of humor

His spontaneity!! I love that I can't always predict what he will do or say!!! I usually hate that quality but with him I can't get enough!

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