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What two or three problems, if solved, would make the most positive difference in your relationship? In your life?

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Distance. Distance. Distance.

nana out of our lifes move far from them and educate our daughter not give her everything she wants just to make her stop crying be more strict with his own daughter not soft like always

Que el aclare lo que realmente quiere, poder recuperar mi confianza y seguridad, y sentirme realmente amada.

Our biggest, and probably only, problem is the distance between us.

el romance sentirme apreciada , el perdón , perdonar su infidelidad , y que me perdone si mis palabras lo hirieron .y arreglar mi falta de feminidad cachondes

1.- Que mi esposo hable para solucionar el problema, el siempre calla.
2.- Que sea mas responsable con nuestros compromisos ecanomicos.
3.- Que deje de faltarme el respeto de todas las vias y formas.

I guess the jealousy issue/me being a bit more considerate about it is the issue that would make the biggest difference.
Then I would say for me, trying to be more sensitive when talking about some problems, and for her, being more confident about us, taking it for granted that it is serious and a lifetime relationship.

that he can do something with the relationship besides suggesting games and dramas, get his driver license as he promised. Wake up early so we can meet and spend more time together before we have to head home for dinner. Or maybe I should just quit this relationship and do all the things I want on my own.

que no nos pasemos meses sin sexo, que sea mas atento y detallista (pero no comprando cosas materiales)y que no le dedique todo el día a los videojuegos, que se decida a vivir conmigo ya porque esta esperando a que yo tenga trabajo fijo.

Creo que los únicos dos problemas que podríamos tener es la distancia, y la falta de trabajo o dinero.

Distance. Also that. Talking and telling what we feel.

Infidelity, loyalty and self respect


jealousy, overreacting, more sex


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