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If you could do something crazy right now, what would it be?

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Preparar las maletas de ambos y hacernos una escapada a un resort centroamericano a desconectar de todo unos días

Get out of bed.

Same hop on a plane so I could be with her!

I would drive up north to see my girl and drive back later tomorrow night

Leave on a road trip to Oregon and other states nearby.

Go to TN and pick him up and us go on a road trip.

Spontaneous trip to New York.

me iria de viaje lejos con ella sin planear nada

Licking lingling longlong


raptar a mi pareja por un tiempo que se olvidara de todo por un momento y me dedicara tiempo y me recordara el porque me enamore de el.

Get a sub and go see my boothang. Maybe in April 😇

Opening a beach hostel.

smoke crack probs

Quit my job and runaway with my boyfriend

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