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What was the first thing you ever said to your partner?

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YES! I wanna play bp :)

Something like, "Okay. " - apparently. Heh.
I'm pretty sure that was - word for word - our first conversation. Ha!
Male, 41-50 years, Married | Sep 01, 2013

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He had me at hello...

"Hi. I'm here to pick up a computer..."

"Woah!" :-}

I REMEMBER. Something along the lines of *accepts big big hug*. She was welcoming me into the quindom and said I could talk to her anytime.

You can drop dead too!

Wat ben je schat

Hello. Follwed by "I brought you a jar of peanut butter"

To cute to smoke

YES! I wanna play bp :)

Hard to remember, most likely "Hi" or "Hello" but I will never forget calling him "utotz" 😝

LOL. Just had to say it!
Seen and read.
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Aug 24, 2013

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Sorry, didnt know she was crazy.


I like your shirt

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