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How do you feel when your partner chooses time with their friends over you?

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Like he loves his Xbox more than me.

That I'm boring

He hasn't so far. I don't think I'd mind much, I'd be a hypocrite if I did.

Everyone needs time apart who wants so robe finishing their thoughts? It can happen if you don't throw some alone time or friend tone in there

its not that that buggs me. Its if he tried calling me inbetween. Its silly and I should be happy with that time he's trying to give me, but i dont want to interupt time with his friends, and i dont wanna worry about his friends being able to hear everything we're saying. But as for choosing them over me, i think its supper important for him to have time with them. =)

It doesn't really happen. Neither of us currently has any close friends.

It doesn't bother me at all. I want him to have those relationships with others, I just wish we were closer to some of his good friends so he could do it more often.

This isn't something we've really had to face yet
Due to distance
I don't think this will happen too much because we both seem to fit in with the others friends well, but if either of us need just friend time I think that's something we'd be able to respect and talk through any hurt feelings that may arise.

He doesn't do that. It helps that we live far from the friends we grew up with and are just making friends where we currently live, but we spend virtually all of our free time together and enjoy our hobbies and passions together.

Well she doesn't get to enjoy time with her friends so if something comes up with them and she wants to go I never have a problem but of course she lets me know of which day and I shouldn't plan anything around it

She doesn't. She does spend most of her free time with friends, but doesn't choose them over me.

Although we haven't had to deal with this yet, I can't really foresee this being a problem. We both get along with each other's friends. Also, I think we'd understand if the other wants to spend time with his friends. I wouldn't hold it against him because I know it's normal for people.

Ill admit it , i be hurt , but friend time is super important !

jealous but im not upset.

I don't care as long as we still have our time as well, and it's not all the time. we both need our friends.

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