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If a genie gave you a magic lamp with 3 wishes, what would they be?

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-Að við eigum langt og heilbrigt líf saman
-Að við ættum milljón peninga og þyrftum aldrei að hafa peningaáhyggjur
-Að Aníta gæti tjáð sig 100%

1. Be back in Florida.
2. Make monumental gainz fast.
3. Fix my parents failed marriage.

Change my parents ideas so we can be together. Make him always happy. Have money so we can live together without preocupations.

1 pasar 2 horas al dia a solas con Pablo, 2: ser millonaria, 3: juventud eterna para mi y Pablo

Live long healthy happy lives, be able to never worry(stress free), and give u everything u want!

I would be selfish and begin by asking to cure every person in my family of their diseases. Second would be to always have the money I need to do everything I want (living expenses, travel, education for my children, hobbies, etc.). My third one would be difficult. Because wishing for people or curing diseases would have too many consequences... I would say make people more considerate abut each other. So that people would think twice before harassing or harming someone.

1. To never have to worry about money and be able to buy anything I want
2. To have someone who understands and loves me for who I am.
3. To be able to teleport and bring people with me.

Clear judgement, Big Heart, Smarter

That I would never be hungry again
Super strength
The ability to teleport

1)To never have to worry about money 2)That we both live long and healthy lives 3)That we have healthy,beautiful children
1. To be able to teleport anywhere in the world 2. To do something for work that I enjoy but allows me to spend lots of time with you ❤️3. To have a long, prosperous and exciting marriage.
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Jan 09, 2016

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Make the 1,300 miles between us disappear, make my family understanding when I decide to tell them I have a girlfriend, and give me millions of puppies.

1) To be internationally qualified to do something
2) To have a global Visa
3) To never have to worry about money.

1. Enough money to pay off student loans and buy a house/car/necessities.
2. To have a good job that allows me to travel or relocate (with my boyfriend)
3. To be able to change the world and help others/animals in a significant way.
2 and 3 can actually go together. 1 is the problem.
Male, 21-25 years, Dating | Nov 20, 2016

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To live a long, healthy and happy life with my man, to never have to worry about money or financial issues, and to do/discover something that impacts the world in a positive way because I would love to be remembered by something.

For me and you to know that whatever happens we will both be happy.

To have 0 financial worries for the whole of our lives.

To live with you.

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