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When talking to friends, how much do you mention your partner?

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Ask your friends

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Oh probably a lot as I try to not talk about him to much so it doesn't annoy my friends.

Not as often as when we were in The Honeymoon Phase, though I do hang out with him the most out of all my friends so he still comes up in most conversations.

Most of my conversations include him, because everyone I care about cares about him, too!

A lot I brag about her being a doctor.

I try to mention her when she has been making me feel good, which is like all of the time. I make my friends jealous that they don't have such an awesome girlfriend!

All the time! They are all jealous of me because I am married to such a great guy!

A lot

About every third word
Pretty often. X3
Female, 36-40 years, Married, Bi | Feb 17, 2014

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All the time


I try to keep it to a minimum so they don't get jealous, but probs like 50%

Quite a bit

A lot. A whole lot.

Nearly every time, nearly every conversation, both personal and professional. You are my favorite topic. 😘

Whenever appropriate. But usually quite some.

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