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What tv shows do you and your partner enjoy watching together?

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We don't have a tv show we watch together 😏

Gotham, revenge, once upon a time

the office!!

Blind spot when it's actually on! Made in Chelsea ;D

Friends, the office, and how I met your mother 👌🏾😏

We enjoyed parks and rec, Orange is the New Black, better call Saul, and basically anything when we watch it together

mmm... pues las veces que vemos programas de tv son infantiles, y es agradable verlos con el... aunque no siempre les presta atencion... pero cuando se toma el tiempo de ver algun programa conmigo es muy agradable, incluso podemos conversar hacerca de lo que estamos viendo y eso me gusta.

Modern family!!

Casos de familia, SERIES policiacas, programas cómicos.Rápidos y Furiosos, todas

Stranger Things

Documentaries because I'm too picky for TV shows.

Blind Spot and I think we will like making a murderer too :-)

Criminal Minds 😃

I wish I watched tv. Maybe one day.

Movies on Amazon while cuddling

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